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Coil Tube Plate Penne NV

Coil tube plate

Construction and industryMetal press work

This product has many variants. It has holes in different places, different lengths, different ends... Penne developed a system whereby all the variants come out of the mould automatically without the need to rebuild the mould or...

Beam Honda accord spare bumper part


Automotive industryPlastic injection

At Penne, we take over all bumper molds from Honda and Mitsubishi after a car goes out of production. We then make the spare parts. We take over all the worries of rebuilding the moolds, maintaining them and of course the production...

Partition plate (HVAC)

Construction and industryStamping dies

For a customer who wanted different variants of 1 part, we developed a die that could make the variants without the additional cost of changing dies. This results in a lower total cost for the customer's project....


Propellor (HVAC)

Construction and industryPlastic injection

We manufacture propellers for the outdoor units of air-conditioning units. We spray a metal part with plastic, to create a propeller in perfect balance. We produce these parts in various shapes and sizes....

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