About Penne

Proud of our heritage

In 3 generations, Penne evolved from a manufacturer of children’s prams to a leading manufacturer of metal formed and plastic injected parts. We are industry leading specialists with over 100 years of experience and knowledge within the metal and plastic processing industry. We are confident that our experience and knowledge provides a stable foundation from which we can provide a comprehensive manufacturing solution.

Penne today

Today, we have become the trusted partner of a large, international and demanding client base, including the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. We manufacture high-precision metal and plastic parts for them according to a fully integrated assembly process.

Our mission

Producing the highest quality of finished parts in the most efficient way possible, by focusing permanently on innovation.

– Frans Penne / CEO –

Our international markets and industries

The know-how and work ethics that we have built up through our projects for the automotive industry also applied in many other industries. For example, we make parts and components that are used on a daily basis in the construction industry. Examples include parts for HVAC installations.

We are equally familiar with the consumer goods market in all its variety, we even make the necessary parts for the most diverse industrial applications. In some cases those are straightforward components, but when the challenge and complexity are at their most demanding, we thrive.

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Overall equipment effectiveness

Penne tomorrow

Delivering top quality and meeting the strictest tolerances is our driving force. This is only possible by keeping control of the entire process, from design to manufacturing.

The structure of our company also fits perfectly with this approach. Therefore our goal is to keep on innovating so that our customers can always count on the most innovative production techniques, now and in the future.

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