Construction and industry

Stamping or injection of parts for construction, HVAC and manufacturing industry

Parts for construction, HVAC and manufacturing industry: unlimited possibilities

In the construction and manufacturing industries, many of our parts are processed every day. They are used in HVAC units, grids, housing and pumps, propellers for air conditioning equipment and ventilation systems, joints and fixtures for furniture, all kinds of facade and ceiling systems, structural building components and many more. 

For all situations where precision, reliability and durability are important, we at Penne have the right solution. Our services are widely used in the construction and manufacturing industry, as those markets keep on growing and expanding. At Penne, we provide top-notch services for the construction and manufacturing industry.

Practical cases

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From design to manufacturing

Metal stamping or plastic injection requires finely calibrated and specialized equipment. Depending on the product or part design, we design a die or tools for shaping, punching, coining, bending, and embossing; however, dies and tools are custom made to meet customer specific requirements.


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In-house design and manufacture of your die

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Production: metal forming and/or plastic injection molding

Metal forming / Plastic injection

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Why us
  • High volume production

  • Large and small size products

  • High strength materials

Cases construction and industry

Partition plate (HVAC)

For a customer who wanted different variants of 1 part, we developed a die that could make the variants without the additional cost of changing dies. This results in a lower total cost for the customer's project....


Propellor (HVAC)

We manufacture propellers for the outdoor units of air-conditioning units. We spray a metal part with plastic, to create a propeller in perfect balance. We produce these parts in various shapes and sizes....

3mm heatshield

For this project, the customer came to us with the request to manufacture a heat shield in 3mm stainless steel.  Because of the design, our competitors would have chosen to make a progressive die. Afterwards, the holes that are...

Meer cases

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