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Propellor (HVAC)


As a leader in the field of plastic product design, injection molding, and mold press production, Penne manufacture propellers for the outdoor units of air-conditioning units. We spray a metal part with plastic, to create a propeller in perfect balance. We produce these parts in various shapes and sizes. 

Reducing cycle time for the production of proppelers

One notable example of our innovation is in the manufacturing of these propellers. Before, it was  necessary to use one machine and one mold to produce a single propeller. However, Penne has  pioneered the use of a machine that can produce two propellers using only one mold, thus cutting  production time in half. This is just one example of how the company is constantly looking for ways  to improve production processes and increase efficiency. 

Full Control over an efficient production process

The secret behind our success is the company’s control over every aspect of the production  process. We employ different teams in charge of product design and production manufacturing, which  ensures that every aspect of the process is carefully planned and supervised. This level of attention  to detail allows us to quickly identify and solve any issues that may arise during production. The key to improving production time for any piece produces is a great collaboration between the teams responsible for strategic thinking, product design and production and manufacturing.

Innovation as a basis for succes

The company’s ability to find creative solutions to problems is one of its most valuable assets. For  example, when the demand for propellers became too high for the number of machines We had to our disposal, we were faced with two options: either to produce more machines or find a  different way to increase production. Instead of opting for the first option, we found an innovative solution that allowed us to double the number of propellers produced in the same amount of time  and with the same level of intricate detail.


Penne’s specialties are not limited to the manufacturing of propellers, but the company is constantly  finding new ways to manufacture each end product with the most precision and highest efficiency possible. The distinct focus on efficiency and innovation is what sets it apart in the industry and makes it a  leader in plastic product design, injection molding, and mold press production.

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