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Beam Honda accord spare bumper part


Breathing new life into spare part bumpers

Case Background

This case study delves into our success with spare part bumpers. When certain automotive models from car manufacturers like Honda and Mitsubishi are discontinued, the molds responsible for producing their bumpers find a new home at Penne NV. This case study unveils the intricate process of reviving these molds and delivering top-notch spare part bumpers to meet market demands.


As the automotive industry witnesses the discontinuation of production for specific models, the molds responsible for crafting their bumpers undergo a migration to Penne NV. Coming in from diverse locations all over the world such as Taiwan, China, the UK, USA, and Canada, these molds become the focal point for our commitment to providing spare part bumpers for discontinued vehicles. We take over all the worries of rebuilding and maintaining the molds.

Key Challenges

Dealing with molds from various corners of the globe poses a logistical challenge. Penne NV must seamlessly integrate molds from Taiwan, China, the UK, USA, and Canada into their production processes. Revitalizing aging molds is another challenge. The acquired molds have seen a full lifespan of production, requiring meticulous revitalization and refurbishment to ensure optimal performance. Optimizing the production process using these very large and complex, multi cavity molds also posed a significant challenge.

Complex Production Setup

The spare part bumpers require a production setup that accommodates asymmetrical shapes, featuring both large and small components simultaneously emerging from the 3200-ton machine.

Innovative Solutions

Meticulous Mold Revisiting: Penne NV initiates the process by thoroughly revisiting and refurbishing the acquired molds. This meticulous approach ensures that the molds are rejuvenated and ready for a new production cycle.

Robotic Precision for Asymmetrical Shapes: Penne NV employs advanced robotic systems capable of handling the intricate and asymmetrical design of spare part bumpers. These robots ensure precision in manufacturing, handling both large and small components with ease.


Penne NV’s strategic approach to spare part bumpers yields impressive outcomes. Despite the diverse origins of the molds, Penne NV seamlessly breathes new life into them and repurposes them to improve their production processes, showcasing adaptability and efficiency in handling molds from all over the world from different car manufacturers. The revitalized molds, combined with the tailored setup for the 3200-ton machine, result in a production process finely tuned to meet the specific demands of spare part bumpers for discontinued automotive models. The utilization of advanced robotic systems ensures the precise manufacturing of spare part bumpers, navigating the complexities of asymmetrical shapes and diverse component sizes.


Penne NV’s expertise in breathing new life into discontinued models through spare part bumpers underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and adaptability. By addressing global sourcing challenges, revitalizing aging molds, and implementing advanced production setups, Penne NV stands as a reliable partner in providing high-quality spare part bumpers for a range of automotive models. Stay tuned for more insights into Penne NV’s innovative endeavors in our upcoming case studies.

Precision in Asymmetrical Production: The utilization of advanced robotic systems ensures the precise manufacturing of spare part bumpers, navigating the complexities of asymmetrical shapes and diverse component sizes.

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