Plastic injection

High quality custom plastic parts

Based on your 3D design or technical drawings, we take care of the production of your plastic parts. Innovation is key in this process. Our plastic injection shop is equipped with advanced, fully automatic injection moulding presses, suitable for both large batches and small, specialized series. Short cycle times and SMED ensure a fast and competitive flow. Our plastics department works closely with the tool shop and R&D department, providing a total solution from first design to finished product. There are multiple inspection points throughout the production process. This way, we ensure that the final product meets your requirements perfectly and results in zero defect deliveries.

  • In house mold design, production and maintenance

  • Software supported injection process control

  • Mold cycle time optimization

  • Experienced in processing a wide range of technical and reinforced plastics

  • Lowest cycle times by integrated 3D-cooling


All our plastic injection work

  • Manufacturing of small and larger pieces

  • Over moulding

  • Automotive, HVAC, consumer electronics, construction…

  • Gasmelt injection

  • Foaming

  • Glass fiber filled material

  • 2k injection

  • Subassemblies

  • Coatings

In-house design and manufacturing

The knowledge accumulated through the mass production of pieces in metal is transferred to our plastic production department, and vice versa. This way of thinking takes us closer to our goal once again: zero defects! The synergy between 3 completely distinct departments results in a true one-stop shop.

– Frans Penne / CEO –

Cases plastic injection

Beam Honda accord spare bumper part


At Penne, we take over all bumper molds from Honda and Mitsubishi after a car goes out of production. We then make the spare parts. We take over all the worries of rebuilding the moolds, maintaining them and of course the production...


Propellor (HVAC)

We manufacture propellers for the outdoor units of air-conditioning units. We spray a metal part with plastic, to create a propeller in perfect balance. We produce these parts in various shapes and sizes....


This was a very complex die that was produced by a competitor with various difficulties and at a very high cycle time. The customer came to Penne with the request to take over the production. Penne has succeeded in getting the...

Meer cases

Our other departments


Our professional tool makers bring your designs to life on our on-site tool shop, using the latest technology and machinery to help produce a high quality custom part that meets all requirements.


We design and produce state of the art stamping dies in our own toolshop, which is intended to eliminate costly and time-consuming assembly work after the stamping process.

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