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Coil tube plate

Mastering precision for the Coil Tube Plate

Case Background

Coil Tube Plates present a distinctive challenge to us due to their varying lengths, quantities, and types of perforations and holes. Despite these differences, all these plates now originate from a single mold – a large plate equipped with an array of stamps. Depending on the type of Coil Tube Plate required, specific stamps are engaged while others remain inactive, making the production of the Coil Tube Plates a very efficient process thanks to the use of a single mold.

Key Challenges

Diverse Plate Specifications: The challenge lies in accommodating varying lengths, quantities, and types of perforations for different Coil Tube Plates, all from a single mold.

Efficient Die Selection: Achieving efficiency in the selection of die engagement, as each stamp on the mold contributes to the distinct characteristics of the Coil Tube Plates.

Pattern Variation: The stamping process generates different patterns with each operation, demanding precise control and coordination to ensure the desired outcomes.

Innovative Solutions

Unified Molding Platform: Penne NV employs a singular mold, a large plate with an array of stamps, showcasing versatility in producing different Coil Tube Plates. This unified molding platform streamlines the production process and maximizes efficiency.

PLC-Controlled Precision: The entire process is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled, allowing for the dynamic selection of specific stamps based on the Coil Tube Plate requirements. This ensures a tailored approach to each plate, despite using a single mold.

Pattern Diversity with PLC: With each stamping operation, the PLC system orchestrates the activation of specific stamps, generating diverse patterns for the Coil Tube Plates. The precision of PLC control is essential in achieving the desired outcomes.


Our approach to Coil Tube Plates yields noteworthy results:

Efficiency in Diversity: The use of a unified mold and PLC control enables Penne NV to efficiently produce Coil Tube Plates with varying lengths, quantities, and types of perforations, showcasing adaptability and resource optimization.

Tailored Precision: PLC-controlled precision ensures that each Coil Tube Plate is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, meeting the specific requirements of the application. All the variants now come out of the mold automatically without the need to rebuild the mold or rework the piece.

Pattern Consistency: Despite the diversity in Coil Tube Plate specifications, the use of PLC control guarantees pattern consistency, maintaining a high standard of quality across the range of produced plates.


Our success with Coil Tube Plates underscores the company’s mastery in metal forming and our commitment to extreme precision and innovative efficiency. The use of a single mold, PLC control, and a strategic approach to die selection highlights our  ability to seamlessly handle diverse manufacturing challenges.

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