Consumer goods

Stamping or injection of parts for consumer goods, airco-, heating-, and ventilation appliances

Carefree production of your concept at penne

Penne has a lot to offer in terms of metal or plastic parts manufacturing for consumer goods. The range of our parts is almost limitless. A small selection of home appliances: parts for toasters, sinks for kitchens, hi-fi and speaker parts, parts for lawn mowers, parts for aircon, heating and ventilation appliances, housings for computers … All shapes and sizes are possible and allow you to quickly and reliably assemble your devices.

By choosing Penne, you will enjoy the full benefits of working with the very best professionals in the industry, dedicated to innovation and quality. We strive to help our customers to market consumer goods and meet or even exceed their goals. On top of that, our expertise ensures quality while reducing the time and costs required to manufacture your consumer goods products or parts.

From simple to hyper-complex products… We are happy to discuss your concept without obligation.

From design to manufacturing

Metal stamping or plastic injection requires finely calibrated and specialized equipment. Depending on the product or part design, we design dies or tools for shaping, punching, coining, bending, and embossing; however, dies and tools are custom made to meet customer specific requirements.


Discuss your product concept with our experts


In-house design and manufacture of your die


Production: metal forming and/or plastic injection molding

“Our expertise, your guarantee for a flawless final product or part”

  • Internal design office

  • Short lead term

  • Pre coated sheet metal

Case consumer goods

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