When perfection becomes a guarantee

Whether you need metal or plastic components to incorporate into your project, Penne has the knowledge and equipment necessary to provide you with top quality metal pressed and injection moulded parts. Together with our extensive experience in the field of metal stamping and plastic injection, we can ensure top-notch quality with zero defect deliveries.

  • 65+ years experience in tool design & manufacturing

  • In-house design and manufacture of stamping tools and molds

  • Stamping and injection for high volumes with exceptional precision

  • Experience as a foundation for innovation and excellence

Our specializations

Penne is dedicated to providing you with superior quality parts for a wide variety of products and industries. Our knowledgeable engineers are involved in the entire manufacturing process, from the initial design through final production, so you can rest assured that your product will meet even the most stringent specifications.

Metal press work

Stamping dies

Plastic injection

Let our cases inspire you

Coil Tube Plate Penne NV

Coil tube plate

This product has many variants. It has holes in different places, different lengths, different ends... Penne developed a system whereby all the variants come out of the mould automatically without the need to rebuild the mould or...

Beam Honda accord spare bumper part


At Penne, we take over all bumper molds from Honda and Mitsubishi after a car goes out of production. We then make the spare parts. We take over all the worries of rebuilding the moolds, maintaining them and of course the production...

Partition plate (HVAC)

For a customer who wanted different variants of 1 part, we developed a die that could make the variants without the additional cost of changing dies. This results in a lower total cost for the customer's project....

Meer cases

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