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wiper arms

Wiper arms

Wiper arms: from die casting to precision stamping

Case Background

The increased demand for metal automotive parts like wiper arms posed a challenge for us at Penne, as our existing manufacturing process struggled to meet the ever-growing demand. Traditionally, manufacturing wiper arms required using a separate machine and mold for each unit, a rigid, time-consuming, and expensive process.

Key Challenges

The challenge we faced at Penne was the high demand for windshield wiper arms and a shortage of machines to fulfill it. The traditional metal casting process was labor-intensive and time-consuming. These components were produced through a time-consuming process; aluminum melting, casting into shape, machining to achieve surface smoothness, drilling holes, placing pins and finishing. In response to the rising demand, we devised a new manufacturing process.

Innovative Solutions

Rather than opting for the traditional approach of adding more machines to the workforce, we introduced a revolutionary solution – shifting from metal casting to progressive die stamping. This innovative method allowed us to produce up to 60 wiper arms per minute, a significant increase from the previous method, while also minimizing scrap material and resulting in substantial cost savings.


Our transition from metal casting to progressive die stamping brought substantial changes to the production process of wiper arms. The previous casting method involved four steps: aluminum melting, drilling holes in the casted wiper arms, assembly and placement of pins, and polishing and cleaning the end product. The die stamping method eliminates the need for post-processing and is twice as accurate. This new manufacturing process enabled us to produce up to 60 wiper arms per minute.The implementation of our new manufacturing process marked a significant improvement in Penne’s production capacity for windshield wiper arms. Through progressive die stamping, we increased output, maximized precision, and achieved a remarkable boost in efficiency.

At Penne, we have developed a mold that finishes this part in one piece without post-processing, twice as accurate and we can produce up to 60 pieces per minute.


Our ability to innovate and develop new manufacturing methods in plastic injection molding and metal stamping production keeps Penne at the forefront of the industry. We continue to strive for excellence in design and manufacturing every day, ensuring our position as leaders in the field.

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