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Folded fuel tank straps

Folded fuel tank straps

Case Background

Years ago, we at Penne took on the challenge of producing metal, folded fuel tank straps, responsible for securely holding gasoline tanks and plastic components in place on vehicles. This case study delves into our approach to manufacturing tank straps and the innovative solution that has significantly improved our production process. Utilizing a single mold and incorporating inventive techniques, we have successfully eliminated manual operations, reduced the number of required molds, and delivered cost savings to our customers.

Customer Requirements

Initially, the customer considered four molds for the fuel tank straps: one for the main bracket, one for the right reinforcing bracket, one for the left reinforcing bracket, and an additional mirror-image bracket. Additionally, the straps required manual operations, including spot welding on each side (four in total) and manual attachment of screws and bolts. Our goal was to develop an optimized production process that simplifies assembly, reduces manual labor, and enhances overall efficiency and cost-of-ownership.

Innovative Solutions

To address our customer’s requirements and streamline production, we developed an elegant and efficient solution that utilizes one single mold. We made use of a progressive tool that yields a completely finished part with every single stroke of the press. This, in combination with the inclusion of the assembly of bolts and fixation of brackets means that the part is immediately ready for painting. Our new approach involves extending the length of the strap by 2 to 3 times and folding it in such a way that the reinforcing bracket is incorporated into the overall structure. This allows the entire assembly to be completed within a single mold. Instead of spot welding, we adopted a mechanical joining technique called clinching, offering superior strength and reliability.

Furthermore, this innovative approach enables flexibility in choosing the placement of an additional tab, either on the left or right side. The same mold also incorporates the insertion of pins and ensures their correct positioning. By adopting this method, we eliminate the need for multiple molds, completely eradicate manual operations, and achieve an impressive production rate of 25 to 30 strokes per minute from the mold. This high-speed production is coupled with guaranteed correct pin placement and secure attachment of the brackets.

Benefits and Cost Savings

Our innovative and efficient approach to manufacturing tank straps delivers several significant benefits. By reducing the number of required molds from four to one, the production process is severely streamlined. The elimination of manual operations not only improves production efficiency but also reduces labor costs and the potential for human error. With the entire process completed within the mold at a rapid pace, we ensure consistent quality, correct pin placement, and secure bracket attachment, leading to enhanced product reliability.

The reduction in molds, elimination of manual processes, and improved efficiency result in a notable decrease in the total cost of ownership for our customer. Our innovative solution optimizes production, reduces expenses, and increases the overall value proposition for our customers.


Our innovative approach to manufacturing fuel tank straps showcases our commitment to providing efficient solutions and delivering cost savings to our customers. By utilizing a single mold and implementing innovative techniques such as extending the length of the component, incorporating the reinforcing bracket, adopting clinching as a mechanical joining method, and ensuring correct pin placement, we streamline production while maintaining high product quality. The elimination of manual operations and the significant reduction in the number of molds not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to cost savings in the long run. Our dedication to innovation and efficiency enables us to effectively meet customer requirements, lower the total cost of ownership, and strengthen our position as a leading provider of innovative automotive solutions.

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